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Why are visuals important in our business?

We’re glad you asked!….

As one of the top vacation rental businesses in Gatlinburg, TN, we have a passion for reaching out to people who want to vacation here and giving them the best options they can have. That makes every day a great day in this part of the world!

Part of the way we do that is with images and visuals. It’s like this….

Visuals are important in many different kinds of business and in many different kinds of marketing. Even the most modern high-tech marketers prize the idea of having an image on a page or site (or more than one, usually.)

But in our business, having a lot of pictures is helpful in specific ways. Here are three types of features that people can use on our site that are visual in nature.


Anytime you’re looking at rental cabins, availability is key, but here, you can use a visual timeline to see what’s available and when.

Why is this so important? Well, as one of our friends put it a while ago, most sites just have a drop-down menu of dates, and you can’t even see anything about availability until you click in and fill in the fields. It’s intensely frustrating because most people using the web want to click in and see availability immediately!

Well, you can do that here without any clicking. It’s a visual timeline that’s directly presented to you – and that makes a lot of difference. 


Some of the same things are in play with our reviews about available Gatlinburg cabin rentals. 

Instead of dull, dry text that reaches down the scrolling page, we have stars and other visuals that show the outcome of the reviews at a glance and in a direct way. Why is this helpful? Well, think about trying to do this research as part of your (long) to-do list. Wouldn’t you want the data presented visually? Most people would say – yes!

Things to Do

We also visually present what’s fun around the Gatlinburg area. Now, it just so happens that some of these attractions are naturally alliterative: like Cades Cove and, no lie, Fanny Farkle’s Fun Parlor. That’s fun. 

But aside from that, having the visuals there also helps you imagine how you will enjoy this vacation with your family or any other group.

That’s a little more about booking your Gatlinburg vacation in the Smokies with us and using the power of visualization to your advantage. Check out the rest of our features and what we offer for Gatlinburg, Tennessee, rentals that you will love, and have a good experience all day! We are here for you.