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One of the best things about visiting the area is the plethora of Gatlinburg attractions.

There is something for everyone, from adventure excursions and thrill rides to exciting museums and shopping districts.

Whether you are traveling alone or with family, every day you stay will bring something new and different to your itinerary.

The Great Smoky Mountain region provides a gorgeous backdrop for some of the best outdoor attractions in Gatlinburg.

Ziplining is popular in the area—even professional athletes and celebrities like Ludacris have raved about the zipline courses available.

Fly over Smoky Mountains National Park or soar above Downtown Gatlinburg, no experience needed.

There are even night courses and different challenge levels so amateur and experts can get their thrills.

Another course to traverse is Gatlin’s Rugged Rope Adventure Course.

The new location is the first of its kind in the area, with participants securely harnessed three stories in the air to face 38 obstacles and challenges.

Suspended ropes, balance testers, and rickety bridges create an unmatched experience to test your mettle and agility.

Kids and adults can get in on the action at this Gatlinburg attraction. Participants enjoy unlimited time on the course, but make sure to follow the instructions before you go.

Closed, laced footwear is required, and anyone between 42” and 48” must be accompanied by an adult.

When you need a break from adventure, head over to the Marvelous Mirror Maze.

The amusement location offers rotating mirrors, exciting sound and light effects, and 2,000 square feet of mirrored pathways leading to dead ends, circles, and corners as you try to beat the maze.

Once you find your way out, head to the Candy Factory for a sweet treat. The menu includes old fashioned favorites and new tasty delights.

Thrill rides get the blood pumping as the adrenaline rushes in, which is exactly what you can expect from the Earthquake live-action ride.

Board the subway train for the simulation experience that features high-tech 3D special effects and sensory imagery to put you at the epicenter of an earthquake.

Ceilings and sidewalks buckle and collapse as the track you are on sinks to the ground.

There is a King Kong-Esque guest star to keep your heart pounding.

The novelty ride is located in the downtown area near other Gatlinburg attractions.

Ripley’s attractions in Gatlinburg are a popular choice for locals and visitors alike.

At Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, visitors move through the frightening mansion, where live actors lurk in the darkest corners, ready to scare the pants off anyone who dares cross their path.

The mansion is the former location of the Grimsby & Streaper Casket Company, a mysterious property that closed permanently in 1926 because the company owners strangely disappeared.

Could the property really be haunted? You’ll have to see for yourself…

All of our Gatlinburg Cabins are near these attractions. Need help planning your Gatlinburg vacation? Contact us, we’re happy to answer your questions!