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Bird Watching Near Gatlinburg TN

Bird Watching in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the perfect spot to observe wildlife. The National park is famous for it’s Black Bears and elk. Less often discussed is another really great activity to enjoy in the Smokies; bird-watching. The park is home to hundreds of avian species and bird-watchers from all over the world come to the Gatlinburg area to see them in their natural habitat. If you are a birder, or if your best vacation involves bird calls and binoculars, Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge may be the perfect trip for you!

Perfect environment for birds

Expert and amateur bird-watchers alike love to visit Gatlinburg. The town sits right at the edge of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The Smoky Mountains are covered in thick, dense forests with steep slopes. Between each mountain peak you’ll find deep valleys and even areas of gently sloping plains. There are over 130 species of trees in the area. You’ll find yellow buckeye, basswood, yellow-poplar, mountain, eastern hemlock, white ash, and sugar maple. Because of this unique environment, with peaks, valleys, mountain streams, and thick forests, there are over 240 species of birds in the Gatlinburg area.

Make a plan for your bird watching trip

If you decide to plan a trip to Gatlinburg to observe the birds in the area, you’ll need to bring a few items, so make sure to bring your binoculars, a good field guide and a camera to take some great pictures. The most important thing to remember is that patience is a virtue when you’re bird watching. The birds that live in town are not shy and might even come right up to you, but not the ones up in the national park. They are abundant, but also like to hide. You may want to bring a comfy camp chair, and plenty of snacks and water. If you’re able to sit quietly for just a little while, you’re sure to see lots of bird species that call the mountains home.

The best places to go

Lots of people stick to the hiking trails to get the best chance of seeing their favorite bird species. The plants and flowers that grow during the springtime make Grotto Falls a popular trail for avian enthusiasts. You’ll see streams and waterfalls on this trail so be on  the lookout for any water loving birds like the Wood Duck, or the Gadwall Duck. If you see any blackberry thickets, lookout for the Chestnut-Sided Warblers. They LOVE blackberry thickets and are pretty common on this trail.

Another favorite trail among bird watchers is the Huskey Gap Trail. The trail is filled with shrubs and trees and smaller birds find them the perfect spot for nesting. Be on the lookout for small species like Field Sparrows, American Goldfinches and Carolina Wrens. This trail is beautiful and even though it is a moderate hike, it is well worth it to see the incredible wildlife.

The Mount LeConte Trail is a pretty strenuous journey, but it’s also one of the best trails to observe feathered friends. This hiking trail leads to the third highest peak in all of the Smoky Mountains. At the highest elevations, you’ll find spruce fir forests that are similar to the boreal forests in Canada. Up here you’ll find the southern most breeding grounds of the Golden-crowned Kinglet, Northern Saw-whet Owl, and Canada Warblers. It’s a difficult hike, but if you’re up for it and take your time, you’ll see some incredible species to check off your list.

Best times to see (and hear) the most species

The Park is home to 240 species like we said earlier, but not all species are in the park year round. Most birds migrate. Depending on the season, you may encounter more or less species in the park. If you love songbirds, late March to late April will be peak bird watching season for you. Toward the end of April many song bird species will be in peak singing and nesting season. There are always birds in the area though. As the southern migrators leave the winter visitors start to arrive.  Purple Finch, Evening Grosbeak, Swamp Sparrow, are all common during the winter months.

More Places to Visit

If you really love hands on encounters with more exotic species, you may want to visit Parrot Mountain and Garden of Eden in Pigeon Forge. Parrot Mountain is open from March through December. They have dozens of tropical species that are housed in beautiful cottages surrounded by gardens. You’ll see Lorikeets, Macaws, Toucans and Magpies. Their birds love to show off and put on a show all day long. They even have hands on experiences where you can feed and touch the beautiful birds who love to show off for a treat.

If you are more of a porch bound bird watcher, and don’t like to venture out, you can always grab your binoculars and watch the birds from the deck of your private mountain cabin. Try checking out our cabins Star Dancer and Cloud Dancer. The beautiful private decks of these cabins look out over the National Park and we frequently see local birds perched on the railings. It’s the perfect opportunity to grab your field guide and camera and snap a picture. You never know what kind of avian visitors you might see.

Fun Rainy-Day Activities for the Family in Gatlinburg

Rainy days do not have to wash away your day. We have put together some suggestions for some fun rainy-day activities for the family in Gatlinburg. This can help make the best of your time if the weather is less than ideal during your visit. When you think of visiting the Great Smoky Mountains, a lot of people probably think about all the outdoor activities you can partake in! There are so many trails to hike, wildlife and sites to see, but what do you do when it decides to rain and put a damper on your outdoor plans?  Whether it’s a single day of rain or a few good rainy days during your visit, we’ve got some suggestions. Gatlinburg has several indoor activities to enjoy during a rainy day or if the weather is not the greatest.


Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies

Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies is one of the most popular indoor attractions in Gatlinburg.  A self-guided tour usually takes approximately 2 hours. The aquarium features hundreds of exhibits, including several hands-on activities and is split in two levels. On the upper level there is Touch a Ray Bay and Shark Lagoon to name a few.  On the lower level you can find a beautiful Coral Reef, Sting Ray Bay and the Penguin Playhouse. Two of the most popular exhibits are the penguins and of course the sharks! Travel on a 340-foot glidepath under the sharks and come face to face with them! You might even catch a glimpse of the stingrays, sawfish and sea turtles.  All that walking is sure to work up an appetite so grab a meal at the aquarium’s restaurant, Feeding Frenzy and don’t forget to stop in the giftshop for some souvenirs. You can purchase your tickets here online.  Don’t forget to check out some of the other attractions that Ripley’s offers here in Gatlinburg.  You can purchase single or combo tickets to get the best bang for your buck. For just $10/day you can park in the city owned parking garage.


Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! ODDITORIUM

Walk or hop on the trolley from the aquarium and head on over to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Odditorium to see some of the strangest and weirdest things you could imagine finding in the Smoky Mountains. Here there are 500 exhibits and artifacts spread out over 3 floors equaling 12,500 square feet! You can find items made out of scrap metal, lint and even license plates. How about shrunken heads or a 19th century vampire killing kit? This is definitely a place to see things that are odd and out of the ordinary!

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure is considered Gatlinburg’s #1 haunted house.  Who says haunted houses are only for Halloween? This haunted house is open year-round and ready to give you a good scare! The haunted mansion is over 10,0000 square feet and is equipped with live actors, strobe lights and other special effects so, the next time your outdoor plans get rained out while visiting the Smokies, stop in a give the haunted mansion a visit.

Hollywood Star Cars Museum

If you have a car or movie buff in your group, then this is a must.  Here at the Hollywood Star Cars Museum, they feature over 40 of the greatest Hollywood movies and tv cars. The museum features celebrity cars, a Fast and the Furious collection and other television and movie cars. The museum is open 7 days a week, except for Christmas.  If you plan to stop here, be sure to purchase your tickets online as they offer a discount for tickets purchased online. Also note that children under 5 get free admission!


Are you looking for something to keep the family busy for a few good hours on a rainy day? Look no further than WonderWorks! This crazy looking, upside-down building is located in Pigeon Forge, just a short drive from Gatlinburg.  Wonderworks is an indoor amusement park that focuses on science. It combines entertainment and education with over 100 fun exhibits. Ever wondered what an 84-mph hurricane feels like? Check out the Hurricane Shack. How about making life size bubbles in the Bubble Lab or getting to experience zero gravity in the Astronaut Training Gyro. Have a fun round of laser tag and try out their glow in the dark ropes course. Be sure to pack closed toe shoes for this outing as they are required for this adventure. They do have a café on site, but also allow reentry on the same day if you’d rather go grab lunch and come back.

Ober Gatlinburg

When you think of things to do on a rainy day in Gatlinburg, Ober Gatlinburg might not seem like the right place to go, but surprisingly they offer a variety of indoor activities too! Ober Gatlinburg is a great place for some fun rainy-day activities for the family in Gatlinburg. You can start your visit off with a ride on the enclosed Ober Gatlinburg Aerial Tramway that brings you right up the mountain. Ober Gatlinburg offers an indoor skating rink for ice skating year-round. Ice bumper cars are also available at certain times of the year, so be sure to check before you get your heart set on those.  They also offer arcade games, an indoor carousel and shopping.

Fannie Farkle’s

Fannie Farkle’s has been a family favorite here in Gatlinburg for 40 years and is definitely a one of a kind! Their saying is, “Come for the food, stay for the fun!”. They have one of the best arcades in the Smokies and is fun for the whole family. They have your classics like PacMan and Skee-Ball, but also have updated and newer games as well. Come in, load your game card and go make family memories. At Fannie Farkle’s their game card system is fast, easy and keeps track of your points, so you don’t have to, and your points never expire! Playing games is sure to work up an appetite and Fannie’s has got you covered! Try their legendary Ogle Dog – it is a foot long and is their own secret recipe. They also offer delicious cheese steaks and sausage subs! Fannie Farkle’s is a great place for fun rainy-day activities for the family in Gatlinburg. You’re sure to have a great time and make lasting memories.

After being out all day keeping everyone entertained, it’s time to head back in for the night, get cleaned up and relax.  What better way to wind down and continue the memory making than staying in one of our luxurious cabins?  Come back, relax in the hot tub, watch a movie or shoot a round of pool. We would love to have you come stay with us and let us be a part of your family vacation memories!




Why Choosing a Pet Friendly Gatlinburg Cabin is a Great Idea

Our dogs are members of our family, and that doesn’t change just because we decide to go on a trip! It can be stressful for both you and your pets to leave them behind. There are lots of options out there to make sure your animals are cared for while you’re away. Each option has it’s pros and cons. Our family recently took a vacation to Gatlinburg to visit the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We hate boarding our dogs and they hate it as much as we do. So, we had a discussion in my house, and made a decision. Why not bring the dogs along on our Gatlinburg trip? To our surprise, we found out Gatlinburg has a large number of pet friendly rental cabins and hotels. Honestly, this vacation is one of the best we’ve ever had, and we are so glad we brought the dogs with us! It’s cheaper and more convenient than boarding. It’s simple, our dogs love coming with us, and we love knowing they’re safe and happy.

Boarding can be SO expensive!

The average cost to board one dog overnight is $50. When traveling for a week or more at a time, it can get costly real quick. If you have two or even three dogs like we do, you’re looking at $700 – $1050 to board them for a week long vacation. Vacations are expensive enough without the added expense of boarding your dogs.

Getting family to watch your dogs may be cheap, but it’s such a hassle.

We hate to burden our relatives with watching our pets. I always feel like we are inconveniencing them. Then there’s the added worry that our dogs may get stressed and chew up grandma’s furniture, or potty on her favorite rug. It is a distraction and a worry when we should be relaxing on our time off.

Leaving dogs behind is stressful on your pets.

Sometimes, on short trips, we’ve left the dogs home, and had family stop in to check on them daily. For our animals this has proven to be SO stressful. People say dogs have no concept of time, and it’s so true for ours! They go nuts, and behave like we’ve left them for weeks. We have found chewed chair legs and holes dug under the fence in the backyard. It’s chaos when we get back home and we always feel so guilty for leaving them alone.

Try a better option and take your dogs with you!

We love bringing our dogs with us on trips, and the dogs really love it too. Some of our favorite places to bring the animals to are Americas beautiful National Parks. The National Parks usually have pet friendly options, hiking trails, and dog parks. You can almost always find fun outdoor activities for dogs to do. We just got back from our most recent visit to Smoky Mountains National park, and the dogs had as much fun as we did!

Lots of stuff for dogs to do in Gatlinburg!

The park offers a few trails that are dog friendly. Our dogs had a blast with all the new sights and smells.  Gatlinburg Trail is a great dog friendly hiking trail. It’s a 2 mile hike from the Sugarland Visitor Center to the outskirts of Gatlinburg, TN. The Oconaluftee River Trail is a mile and a half hike from the Oconaluftee Visitor Center to just outside of Cherokee, NC.

They even have stores set up especially for our four legged friends in Gatlinburg. Bonediggity Barkery is a great place to bring your pups! Make sure your dog is on a leash and well behaved and they’ll be able to enjoy all this dog-centric bakery has to offer. It’s full of delicious treats and eats for canine customers. They also sell toys, gifts, clothes, collars, leashes and more.

Gatlinburg SkyLift Park is also pet-friendly. Leashed dogs are welcome as long as you don’t mind holding them in your lap on the SkyLift chairs. At the top, you can take your dogs across the bridge with you and enjoy the beautiful views of the Tennessee landscape that the bridge offers.

If you have a long drive to Gatlinburg like we do, you may be cooped up in the car for while. If your dog needs a place to run off some energy, there’s no better place than the dog park. Sevierville City park offers a huge off leash dog park with separate small and large dog play areas, agility equipment, and even a dog wash station.

Pet Friendly Lodging

After all the running in the dog park, we all need a good place to crash for the night. There are tons of places around Gatlinburg that offer pet friendly lodging. From pet friendly rental cabins with room for the whole family there are many to choose from. There are also many pet friendly hotel rooms in the area if an entire rental cabin is too much for you. There are lots of options for places to stay and keep your pets with you.

We tend to bring lots of family and friends with us on vacation, so we go for the larger cabins. We bring our pets and spend lots of time hanging out as a family in the cabin. It’s so refreshing to know our dogs are safe and happy with us. A family vacation just feels more complete when we have the dogs with us. Some cabins, such as Bella Vista Lodge in downtown Gatlinburg, even have large yards for your pup to run. It’s nice to have a bit of outdoor space for your dogs to have some outdoor fun.

Whatever lodging you choose, you’ll save money and have peace of mind knowing your dogs are exactly where they want to be, with you and your family. More and more, people are bringing pets on vacation because they understand that pets really are part of the family. Bringing them along on the trip will save you money on boarding, save your pets from being stressed, and save your own peace of mind. Everyone will have a more relaxing, less stressful vacation and in the end, your whole family will be together which is exactly how a vacation should be.

Gatlinburg Moonshine Tasting

Our Top 10 Wine and Moonshine Tasting Spots in and Around Gatlinburg, TN

Wine and Moonshine tastings are around every corner here in Gatlinburg and choosing which ones to visit could be a hard decision.  Moonshine dates all the way back to the 18th century here in the Smoky Mountains and it got its name because it was made and enjoyed at night so that those who enjoyed partaking in this illegal liquor could avoid being caught. It definitely has some history here. Trying to decide which ones to visit might feel like a daunting task.  So we have put together some of our top choices of wine and moonshine tastings spots to hopefully help make your decision a little easier.

Ole Smoky Moonshine

Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery, The Holler was not only the first legal distillery in Tennessee, but it is also the most visited distillery in America! They have 3 locations in the area, 2 of which are right here in Gatlinburg; “The Holler” and “The Barrelhouse” and the third one, “The Barn” in Pigeon Forge (at The Island). For just $5 you can enjoy a sample tasting of 7 of their signature flavors of ‘shine. They offer several flavors and have a flavor for everyone. Their most popular flavor is probably the Apple Pie Moonshine.
If Apple pie isn’t your preference, try one of their other flavors like Blueberry pancake which seems fitting for here in the Smokies. Everywhere you look there is a pancake house here. They have too many flavors to list, but just to name a few – Original, White Lightnin’ and my personal favorite is the Mountain Java.

Sugarlands Distilling Co.

Sugarlands Distilling Co. is another favorite here in the Smokies. They opened their downtown distillery in 2014 and offer a full tasting experience.  Here they also charge a $5 sampling fee, but you will receive a voucher for $5 off your purchase in their store. Sugarlands Distilling Co. is open 364 days a year and closed on Christmas. Sugarlands is the official Moonshine of NASCAR.  Their list of flavors is quite impressive. Here you have choices like Cinnamon, Root Beer, Maple Bacon, Peanut Butter and Jelly and Chipper Jones’ Sweet Tea Moonshine just to name a few! Make sure to add Sugarlands Distilling Co. to your list of things to do while visiting here in Gatlinburg.

Tennessee Shine Co.

The Tennessee Shine Co. offers a one of a kind tasting tour. The tour is free and they share the history of moonshine, how it’s made and how it’s intertwined with NASCAR. There are four locations in the Gatlinburg area and offer much more than just moonshine tastings.  Have someone in your party that isn’t into tasting the ‘shine?  Tennessee Shine Co. also offers whiskey and wine tastings. Here they offer several flavors that aren’t offered at some of the other distilleries.  Some of their flavors include Cotton Candy, Nanner Puddin’, ChocoMoo Shine, Small Batch Apple Pie and Blue Houdini just to name a few. Next time you’re in the area, make sure to stop and give them a try for your wine and moonshine tastings.

Old Forge Distillery

The Old Forge Distillery is located in Pigeon Forge near the Old Mill.  The Old Mill was built in 1830 and is still in operation today.  They stone grind their quality grains to begin the process and combine that with the old fashioned methods to create their award-winning, distinguished moonshine. They also offer a wide variety of flavors of their moonshine.  Though they do not offer tours, they do however offer free tastings! If you are looking to try something other than just the regular ol’ shine, try some of their other flavors. Including, but definitely not limited to, coffee, french toast, banana’s foster, cola and oatmeal cookie.

Tennessee Homemade Wines

Here at Tennessee Homemade Wines they pride themselves in using local fruit and local craftsmanship. They offer free tastings and are open seven days a week, so squeezing in a visit is easy.   If you’re looking for wines on the sweeter side, then this is the place for you. If you find yourself loving their wines, but aren’t local, be sure to join their wine club! They have a wine club package to suit your needs. Tennessee Homemade Wines does offer shipping to certain states here in the US, so check their list to see if shipping is available to you.

Gatlinburg Wine Cellar

Gatlinburg Wine Cellar opened their doors in 2017 here in Gatlinburg, TN with two locations. They offer free wine tastings of their locally made wines and are open every day of the week to accommodate your busy schedule. Here they also offer shipping and a wine club that doesn’t require a membership fee.  Wine club members can choose from 3 different packages that offer discounts. Gatlinburg Wine Cellar offers some very unique flavors, including their World-Famous Cotton Candy Wine! Next time you’re in for a visit; make sure you stop by to try their one of a kind flavors!

Sugarland Cellars

Sugarland Cellars  is located right on the strip in downtown Gatlinburg and offers tours and free tastings daily. At Sugarland Cellars they take pride in their heritage, which is why their wines are named with a specific location, key figure or a fact about the local area. Mountain Laurel, Hellbender, Elkmont and my personal favorite, Wiley Oakley are just a few of their wines. The winery is built from local barn wood that was acquired from local farms where the barns weren’t able to stand any longer. Stop in and take in some of the history, sample some delicious wines and be sure to sign up for their wine club while you’re there.

Bootleggers Wine

Bootleggers Wine is located in the heart of Gatlinburg. It all started with two country sisters that shared the love of wine making.  As a result, Bootleggers Wine evolved.  They use the same small batch recipes that have been used for years and there is no need for big machinery or fancy equipment since they hand bottle their wines. Stop in for some free wine tastin’ as they call it.  If you make a visit during the holidays, try one or both of their holiday wine flavors.

Little Bear Winery

Little Bear Winery is one of Gatlinburg’s newest wineries located on the Parkway just across from the Village in Gatlinburg. Not only do they offer wine, but they offer cider as well.  Stop in for a free tasting and stay awhile and enjoy their outdoor seating or have dinner at their on-site restaurant. Little Bear Winery offers some delicious flavors of wines; like their Two Berries, Sweet Watermelon, Grape Expectations and of course you can’t go wrong with a simple Pinot Grigio.

Mill Bridge Winery

Mill Bridge Winery is located in The Old Mill Historic District in Pigeon Forge overlooking the Little Pigeon River.  You can sit on their outdoor patio, watching the river run while sipping on your wine or one of their hand crafted ciders.  They offer free tastings daily like most of the local wineries in the area. They have a nice selection of wines for you to enjoy.

What better way to end a day of moonshine and wine tastings than taking some of those delicious souvenirs back to your cabin.  Sit by the fireplace and take in the beautiful mountain views while you sip your wine with your family or friends. Let us help make your stay more enjoyable and book one of our luxury cabins right here in Gatlinburg. Our cabins are filled with everything you need to make your stay feel like a home away from home.


15 Fun Winter Activities and Attractions in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge

Sometimes the hardest part of a winter vacation is finding fun activities that are still available in the off season. If you decide to visit Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge this winter we doubt you’ll have this problem. Summer may be peak tourist season in the Gatlinburg area, but the Smoky Mountains provide a perfect winter retreat too. When summer is over, the cooler weather brings with it loads of fun winter-time activities for the whole family. Here’s our list of 15 fun winter activities and attractions to try in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge this winter.

Visit Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies

Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies is open 365 days a year which will give you a nice warm place to go when the weather is cold. Take your kids to Touch-A-Ray-Bay where they can pet and interact with live stingrays. Visit the coral reef and see the colorful sea creatures. Stop by the penguin house and  watch a parade of African penguins. There are so many fun and educational things to do at the Aquarium!

Have a Winter Adventure at Ober Gatlinburg

Ober Gatlinburg is the best place in Tennessee for snow tubing, snowboarding and skiing. Mid December to mid March is skiing season at Ober Gatlinburg. From the bunny slopes to the big hills, you’ll have a blast hitting the powder with family and friends. You also won’t find a better place to grab a hot chocolate and watch the kids on the indoor ice skating rink. We love Ober Gatlinburg any time of year, but winter time is always extra magical.

Take a Winter Hike in the Smoky Mountains

Wintertime in the Smokies turns the mountain trails into a beautiful landscape of snow and ice. You’ll see ice crystals, snowy vistas, and waterfalls frozen in time. Some of our recommended trails for winter hiking are Metcalf Bottoms Trail, Chimney Tops Trail, and Grotto Falls Trail. Just make sure you are familiar with wintertime hiking safety tips before you decide to venture out on any of these gorgeous excursions.

Explore Frozen Waterfalls at Smoky Mountains National Park

When you’re out on those hiking trails, be sure to stop by one of the gorgeous waterfalls in the park. There are numerous waterfalls to see around the Gatlinburg area. Our favorite in the winter time is Rainbow Falls. Rainbow falls is about 80 feet high and it’s known for forming huge ice crystals when the weather is freezing. Gorgeous any time of year, but it’s a truly breathtaking sight to see in the winter.

See the Amazing Christmas Lights in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge

About halfway through November each year, all of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge is transformed into a winter wonderland. Over 5 million sparkling lights illuminate both towns. Nothing will get you into the holiday spirit like driving through town at night. You’ll see tinkling icicles dripping from every light pole, and huge displays of holiday themed light sculptures everywhere you look. Nobody does Christmas like Gatlinburg.

Enjoy the Enchanted Winter Celebration at Anakeesta

From November 11th through February 14th, Anakeesta mountain will be lit up  with a celebration of lights. You can enjoy a delicious meal, or stroll through the mountaintop villages. The kids can play at TreeVenture or walk along the TreeTop Skywalk. Then, at night, the whole family can climb tot the top of Anavista Tower and see the entire city of Gatlinburg below lit up with millions of sparkling holiday lights.

See the Dolly Parton Stampede Christmas Celebration

The Stampede in Pigeon Forge is the most visited show in the entire country and it’s easy to see why! What’s better than dinner and a spectacular show to watch while you’re eating it? You will be entranced by the performances down on the 35,000 arena while you enjoy a delicious four course dinner. During the holidays, be prepared to be filled with good cheer. Snow will fall and the show will be full of Christmas lights, evergreens, and old fashioned holiday costumes. You’ll hear familiar holiday music while the playful elves from the North and South Poles have a friendly competition. Be sure to reserve early. These shows sell out very fast!

Go Skiing on Clingmans Dome Road

If you are a bit more athletic and enjoy a bit of cross country skiing, try visiting Clingmans Dome Road. Clingmans Dome is closed for the winter to motorized vehicles. The road is never plowed and has some of the best snow conditions around for cross country skiing. This is the highest point in the Smoky Mountains and offers beautiful scenery. Since it gets fewer visitors in the winter, you may just have the mountaintop all to yourself.

See the Christmas Parade

On December 3rd at 7:30, you’ll be able to see one of the best Christmas parades in the country. The Parade starts on Baskins Creek Bypass on East Parkway and will make it’s way through downtown Gatlingburg, ending at stop light #10. You’ll see incredible marching bands, balloons, dancers, floats and musicians at this award winning parade. Pick your spot on the parkway and enjoy!

Go Shopping Downtown

One of THE BEST things to enjoy in Gatlinburg is all of the amazing shopping! Take a walk down the strip and shop to your hearts content. You’ll see leather work, quilts, pottery, old fashioned furniture, handmade jewelry, woven baskets, paintings, and more. You’ll also find the Mountain Mall which is home to Paws and Claws Pet Fashion and the Sock Shop. There really is something for everyone.

Visit the Gatlinburg Skylift Park

Take the SkyLift conveniently from downtown Gatlinburg up to the Skylift Park to see beautiful wintertime mountain views. You can enjoy a snack or a beer at the summit. Then take a walk across the SkyBridge. At 700 feet long and 140 feet in the air, the bridge offers incredible views of the city and surrounding mountains.

Check Out Fun Indoor Activities

If the chilly weather is not for you, there’s no shortage of fun indoor activities in the area. Your kids will love the super fun trampoline park in Pigeon Forge, TopJump! No trip to downtown Gatlinburg would be complete without a trip through the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum. Why not catch a dinner mystery show like the Who Shot the Sheriff Murder Mystery in Pigeon Forge? Get your brain working and your heart pumping at an escape room like Breakout Games in Gatlingburg. You will not run out of stuff to do!

Warm Up With a Tour of Local Distilleries

Visit “The Holler” in Gatlinburg to try out all the flavors from Ole Smoky Moonshine. It is the country’s most visited distillery and it’s it’s easy to see why! They offer samples at the distillery every day from 10 Am to 11 PM. You can also reserve a guided tour to get the behind the scenes look! If you’d prefer bourbon to moonshine, you can always book a tour of another local favorite, the Log Still Distillery. You can visit their tasting room to get a taste of some really amazing Kentucky Bourbon. Gatlingburg and Pigeon Forge also host a ton of other Wine and Spirits tours for the connoisseur in your family. We can’t think of a better way to warm up in the winter!

See a Show in Pigeon Forge

If you love laughs, why not try to catch a show at the Comedy Barn! If you love Magic, try out Steven’s Best Magic Shows. You can see tribute shows to Elvis, Conway Twitty and Red Skelton. If there’s an entertainment junkie in your group, you can definitely find a show for them in Pigeon Forge.

Hang Out at Your Beautiful Mountain Cabin

What better way to spend a winter time vacation with family and friends, than in your private mountain cabin. Sit by the fire and talk with family and loved ones. Sip a glass of wine while hanging out in the hot tub with your closest friends. Enjoy the amazing mountain views from the windows while you enjoy the warmth inside. Take a look at everything our gorgeous luxury cabins have to offer and book an enchanting winter vacation with us!

Gatlinburg Christmas Lights

Best Ways to View the Christmas Lights In Gatlinburg, TN

Christmas, to many,  is all about spending time with your family and loved ones celebrating the magic of the season!  Christmas in Gatlinburg is a big deal.  During November and December this Smoky Mountain town comes to life with Christmas. As soon as you near the town, you can see the glow of Christmas and what’s better than viewing Christmas lights to get everyone in the holiday spirit? I believe everyone should experience a Gatlinburg, TN Christmas at least once! One of my favorite traditions as a kid was driving around neighboring towns to see all the different lights.  Gatlinburg has a light display to please everyone! There’s just something about seeing Christmas lights that give me that warm fuzzy feeling inside, or maybe it’s the hot chocolate that is usually accompanied. Here are some of the best ways to view the Christmas lights this holiday season.

Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland

One of my family’s favorite’s  that we have visited nearly every year, is Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland . You can enjoy this amazing light display from the comfort of your own vehicle.  Here you drive thru hundred’s of thousands of lights, including a 300′ RGB tunnel.  The lights are perfectly synchronized to holiday music that is played over your car radio. While you’re visiting,  stop in and say hello to Santa in his village, take a train ride, grab a snack or partake in other fun activities that they will be offering. The lights will be available from November 5, 2021 to January 2, 2022 nightly from 6 pm until 10PM. 

Enchanted Winter at Anakeesta

Another way to view the Christmas lights in Gatlinburg is to make a visit to Tennessee’s Award-Winning Theme Park,  Anakeesta! Anakeesta is conveniently located in the heart of downtown and has so much to offer! This mountaintop attraction offers amazing views of downtown Gatlinburg and has its own decorations and Christmas lights throughout the park to create their very own winter wonderland.  You can view the twinkling lights as you explore Vista Gardens and the Firefly Village, or climb to the very tip top of the AnaVista Tower for even more amazing views for miles! It’s the perfect spot to see the Christmas lights here in Gatlinburg. And if a trip to visit Santa is on your agenda, you can check it off while you’re there. 

Lights over Gatlinburg

Lights over Gatlinburg is one of the most popular light displays around. Over 40,000 lights will light up the SkyBridge and SkyDeck  every night from November through January.  It truly is a site to see! If you’re feeling brave, take a stroll across the SkyBridge. In order to cross the 680 foot record breaking bridge, you will need to purchase an admission ticket to the SkyLift Park. Your Skypark admission includes your admission to Lights Over Gatlinburg at no extra cost.  See the magnificent mountain views of the Smoky Mountains during the day and come back after the sun goes down to enjoy the beautiful Christmas light display. The SkyBridge in Gatlinburg is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in North America! The decorations will include a 300-foot light tunnel as well as a 30-foot Christmas tree where the lights dance to holiday music.

Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas

Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas has been voted the best Christmas event for more than a decade. Dollywood does an extraordinary  job of capturing all the heartwarming feelings that go with Christmas. Their Christmas light display will not disappoint! Dollywood features more than 5 million glimmering Christmas lights  and offers daily holiday shows. Do a little Christmas shopping and grab a bite to eat while you wander. Make sure you wait around for the Merry and Bright seasonal firework show. Every night during the Smoky Mountain Christmas the firework display lights up the sky in sync with holiday music. It’s definitely something you don’t want to miss! If you want to take part in this Smoky Mountain Christmas tradition, make a visit between November 6th and January 2nd. 

Festival of Trees

If viewing Christmas lights indoors is more your style, try visiting The 48th annual Festival of Trees  This festival will feature Christmas trees of course! The Christmas trees and wreaths will be decked out with lights and gorgeously decorated. The festival will be open  from 10 am to 7 pm Wednesday, November 24th through Saturday, November 27th and on Sunday, November 28th from 10 am to 4 pm. They will be hosting silent auctions and all proceeds go to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of The Smoky Mountains and the Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce.

Gatlinburg Space Needle

Have you ever wondered what Christmas lights look like from 407 feet above Gatlinburg? Well, take a trip to the Gatlinburg Space Needle to do just that.  Take a ride up the glass elevators to the observation deck for a panoramic view of Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains. The town glows like a winter wonderland straight out of a holiday movie. 

Fantasy of Lights Christmas Parade

On December 3, 2021, Gatlinburg will host the 46th annual Fantasy of Lights Christmas Parade. This historic parade will drive right through downtown Gatlinburg. The parade will feature floats that will be decorated with exquisite LED Christmas lights and accompanied by bands playing holiday music, dancers, giant balloons and some of your favorite holiday characters. The Fantasy of Lights Christmas Parade is said to be one of the “Top 20 Events in the Southeast.”   


Every year around Christmas time, my family and I have kept our tradition of seeing the Christmas lights. It’s been a magical tradition that we always look forward to. Gatlinburg has so many light displays to choose from. I know you will not be disappointed.

Whether it’s a long weekend or a week long getaway you are looking for, try booking a trip this holiday season with us. Make memories that will last a life time and experience the magic of the holidays that Gatlinburg has to offer.  We decorate each of our luxurious cabins every year in mid to late November for the holidays.  From the beautiful views, warm glow from the Christmas trees and fireplace, you will feel like you are sitting in a Hallmark Christmas movie.  It’s sure to give you that warm fuzzy holiday movie feeling, I know it does for me and my family.  

Things to do in Gatlinburg in November

10 Of The Best Things To Do In Gatlinburg In November

Whether you’re taking a long weekend over Thanksgiving, or you just prefer to get away when it’s a bit cooler and less crowded, November is a GREAT time to visit the mountains! The Smoky Mountains in Tennessee are home to one of the most beautiful and popular vacation spots in the country.

Right at the gateway of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, lies Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This little resort town is known for it’s beautiful scenery, amazing shopping, and tasty southern cuisine. Just down the road you’ll also find Pigeon Forge, home of Dollywood, and tons of activities for the whole family!

Peak tourist season in Gatlinburg is in July, but we prefer to schedule our visit when it’s a little slower paced. In my family’s humble opinion, there’s no better time to see the mountains than around the month of November. It’s the perfect time of year. It’s a little less crowded, but you can still see the beautiful fall foliage. You can also see one of the most beautiful expositions of Christmas lights in the world. Here are our top ten choices of things to try if you decide to visit the Smoky Mountains this November.

Gatlinburg’s Festival of the Trees

From November 24th to the 28th, Gatlinburg’s convention center will be filled with Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes. This year will be the 48th annual festival of the trees. Each year, the festival raises money for the boys and girls club of the Smoky Mountains. In addition to the hundreds of beautifully decorated Christmas trees, there will be lots of fun activities and crafts for kids. There’s also an opportunity for them to get their picture taken with Santa Claus himself!

Gatlinburg’s Veteran’s Day Celebration

Gatlinburg is one of only 41 sites in the US to be recognized as an official regional site for the observance of Veterans Day. For the last 20 years, the city of Gatlinburg has been proud to honor veterans with a celebration on November 11th. The official time to observe Veterans Day is on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. This is to mark the exact moment when World War I ended in 1918. This moving ceremony is a must do for anyone with a military connection. This years Veterans Day service will be held at the Rocky Top Sports World.

Gatlinburg’s Chili Cook-off and Winterfest Kickoff Event

Gatlinburg always kicks off it’s Winterfest with an old fashioned chili cook-off. This annual event is free to attend, but tickets for chili tasting will cost you $10. Trust us though, you will get PLENTY to eat! There will also be live music and you’ll get to witness Gatlinburg’s holiday lights being turned on for the season. What better way to celebrate cooler weather than grabbing a hot bowl of chili? Don’t forget to use your ticket to vote for your favorite chili!

Hiking and Wildlife Spotting

The autumn is the perfect time of year for hiking the trails around the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. In early November, you can still see the gorgeous colors of the fall foliage. You may want to check out Baskins Creek Falls if you love beautiful waterfalls. You’ll go on a 3 mile, round trip hike to a gorgeous 40 foot waterfall. If you prefer log bridges, stunning views of bluffs, and natural rock arches, you might try Alum Cave. The area near Cades Cove is one of the best places to see wildlife this time of year. Cooler weather makes for a pleasant hike no matter which trail you choose. Get out and breathe in some cool crisp mountain air and see the views along the way!

Snow Tubing at Ober Gatlinburg

If you have a few thrill seekers in your group, you may want to try out the snow tubing at Ober Gatlinburg. Later in the year, you can ski and snowboard at Ober Gatlinburg, but our favorite thing to do in the fall is snow tubing. Snow tubing season opens on November 20th and $30 to $35 per person will buy you a 90 minute session. Just $30 for the chance to hurl ourselves down a big hill on a rubber inner-tube? Yes please! Count us in! Seriously though, this is great fun for all ages and an especially good option if you like a few thrills.

See the Gatlinburg Christmas Lights

If you love seeing beautifully twinkling Christmas lights, Gatlinburg is one of the best places in the world to see them. Every year, the city puts up over 3 million beautiful LED lights. You’ll see sparkling lights in traditional holiday scenes all throughout the city. You’ll also see representations of bears, deer, rabbits and other mountain wildlife. The lights will be turned on on November 11th this year to transform the whole town into a winter wonderland. It’s truly a sight to behold and will get anyone into the holiday spirit.

Polar Express Train Ride

This is so much more than a train ride. It’s truly a magical excursion for the little ones in your family, or for anyone who loves a little Christmas fantasy. The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad’s Polar Express train departs from the Bryson City depot. You will be transported into the movie. You’ll be able to sit back with some hot cocoa and listen to the story being told, set to the soundtrack of the movie. Children will be delighted as Santa boards the train and hands each child a gift. This attraction opens on November 12th and there’s no better word to describe this experience than magical.

Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas

There’s always so much to do at Dollywood! The theme park will remain open throughout most of the month of November. Beginning on November 6th this year, Dollywood will transform into a winter wonderland. In addition to the usual rides and attractions, you’ll see holiday shows and over 5 million Christmas lights. They also have firework shows almost every night to celebrate the magic of the season. Dollywood is always a blast but somehow, during the holidays, it’s just that much more magical.

Great Smoky Thanksgiving and Christmas Arts and Crafts Show

The Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community are hosting an amazing holiday show at the Gatlinburg convention center starting on November 29th. The techniques used by these independent artisans have been handed down for centuries. Just in time for the holidays you’ll find beautiful quilts, hand-woven baskets, candles, pottery, leather goods and more. It’s such an interesting and informative show and a great place to pick up holiday gifts for your loved ones.

Grains and Grits Spirits and Food Festival

If you love craft spirits and gourmet food, this is the event for you! This event is 21 and over for obvious reasons and takes place on November 6th at 6 pm. You can experience live entertainment and try some of the best treats from local restaurants and distilleries. This is the perfect experience for the foodies in your family and a great opportunity to have a grown up night out. If you like to eat and drink, give this one a try. You won’t regret it!

If you want to visit the mountains, but you like a little bit slower pace, try planning a trip in November. Most of the tourists coming to see the fall foliage have come and gone and the Christmas season is not yet at its peak. You can still enjoy most of the holiday beauty and magic of the area without the hustle and bustle of the biggest crowds. My family loves visiting the mountains this time of year and we hope yours will too!

Three Important Hiking Tips for Enjoying the Great Smoky Mountains

We’ve all had a first time going hiking — some of us began to walk through the mountains with experienced pros, whereas others have been learning from the accumulated experience day after day, and even others have done a mixture of both. Whatever the case, being a beginner hiker can be tough.

However, despite the risks to take into account, it is still a highly rewarding and fun activity, and one any person can enjoy, as long as they hike responsibly. We’ve compiled a handful of tips that might help you enhance your hiking adventures and keep you safe if you feel like you’re still figuring things out. 

Always Stay Hydrated

It is very important to stay hydrated before, during, and after your hike to avoid unwanted injury or problems. When it comes to hydrating, we recommend choosing water or isotonic drinks (and never carbonated soda). In the event of a long march, or one that requires a physical effort greater than normal, you can even add salts to your water.

Never go out into the mountains to go hiking without at least a liter and a half of water. You’ll have to be smart when it comes to choosing a water container, as it should let you transport it in an accessible way so you can easily take small sips anytime. There is a wide range of solutions for that, from the most sophisticated coolers to the simplest canteens in your backpack pocket.

Maintain an Adequate Pace on the Climbs

This doesn’t mean that you should be climbing especially slowly, though. What’s important is that you keep a constant pace. When reaching an area with an upward slope, maintain your rhythm as much as possible or even lower it, if necessary. Think of it as if you were running the gears of a bicycle.

You must avoid speeding up your steps in order to reach the top sooner. This is especially true if you don’t know exactly how much you have left to climb, as it’s very likely that you’ll exhaust yourself sooner and make the journey a lot harder. Find a rhythm that works for you and stick to it until you’re prepared to increase the intensity. 

Wear the Right Clothes

As you make your way through a mountain, evaluate if you have an excess or lack of clothes and put on or take off layers as necessary. Avoid fabrics such as cotton, and try to use technical fabrics instead. This is because when they get wet, they dry very quickly. 

Always wear clothes that don’t come too loose, too. It’s best to go relatively tight, but without losing mobility. Garments that are too wide have the bad habit of catching on branches and ledges, so beware of the clothes that you’re choosing. 

Regarding footwear, it’s much safer to walk with a nice pair of custom-made boots. A comfortable boot with a waterproof membrane will not only prevent sprains and your feet from getting soaked in the event of rain or stepping on flooded areas, but it will also prevent loose stones from impacting your ankle.

Now that you know some of the do’s and don’ts of hiking, find yourself some friends, an instructor if possible, and go for a walk in the mountains! Here, we offer you spectacular views and tours that will help you create beautiful memories. Not only that, but they’ll also brighten your photo album. Are you ready to go on an adventure?

Holiday Cabin Rentals In Gatlinburg TN

Finding a Gatlinburg Cabin for the Holidays

Finding a Gatlinburg cabin for the holidays can be a daunting task. In this article I am sharing my tips and advise on booking your perfect Smoky Mountain cabin during popular holidays. The towns of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, along with the The Great Smoky Mountains are extremely popular destinations during any holiday. The most in demand holiday dates are Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Easter, Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. If you are considering renting a cabin from us, or anyone else read on for some advise that could save you a lot of time and money.

Plan Your Trip Early for Top Choices

Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains is an extremely popular destination even when holiday dates are not involved. When you mix in a popular holiday date you will quickly notice the nicest properties will disappear fast.  Book your cabin early if you want your top choice of properties. I cannot stress this part enough! If you are planning a vacation to the Smokies during any major holiday you need to secure your rental quickly. Most major holidays book up months or even years in advance.  If you wait too long, you will find yourself scrambling to find a place to stay.  You will then have to scrap your plans or settle on something you probably would not have chosen in the first place. Each year in late October and November people begin to ring our phone desperate to find a place to stay for Thanksgiving or Christmas. We are forced to turn them away because most properties in the area booked up months back.

Save Money by Renting Early

When you are juggling your job, kids, and day to day life who has time to plan a vacation?  As a parent myself, I completely understand! However, by putting your planning on the back burner it may cost you some serious money. The rental rates for accommodations rise by many multiples for popular holiday dates. As the demand rises so do the prices of most rental cabins and hotel rooms. When you find a place to stay and book it early you will likely save some money, and many times that can will be a significant amount of money.  As available rooms and cabins begin to dry up many operators will raise their rates even higher because they know how desperate some people will become. Finding yourself in this situation can be stressful and absolutely no fun at all. I speak to travelers in these situations often and they always say they wish they started searching sooner. Try your best to plan early. The last thing you want is to pay even more money for your vacation!

Decorations Decorations Decorations!

Many people decide to stay in a Gatlinburg cabin during the month of December and January to see all of the Christmas lights and decorations around town. Many property owners decorate for the holidays. In December, we decorate all of our rental cabins for the holidays with a Christmas tree and multiple decorations to provide that warm holiday feeling for our guests. If this is important to you then be sure to check and see if the cabin you are renting will be decorated. While many do, not all owners chose to decorate their properties for Christmas. Keep this in mind when booking!

Do You Like to Cook Big Holiday Meals?

Who doesn’t love a feast during the holidays?  The last thing you want is to not have enough space in the kitchen to cook that big holiday meal. Be sure the cabin you choose to stay in has a kitchen big enough to accommodate your cooking needs. Does the dining area seat everyone comfortably?  All of our cabins have ample kitchen space along with most items needed to cook a big meal. Before you book be sure to ask what is in the kitchen and look over the description and pictures so that you are not stuck in a tight situation when it is time to get to cooking.

The Bottom Line

Finding a Gatlinburg cabin for the holidays is a tough decision and I hope this article helped out. Much of this info may seem obvious to you, but many people are not aware of just how in demand our area is, especially during popular holiday dates. If you remember to book early you will have a much wider choice of properties and less stress too.

gatlinburg wineries breweries distilleries

12 Top-shelf Gatlinburg Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries

Gatlinburg Wineries, Breweries, and Distilleries

Whether you have an expert palate for craft beers or you just want to taste some new wine and whiskey flavors, Gatlinburg, TN offers visitors a list of top-notch breweries, wineries, and distilleries to try.

While you are sampling the area’s best spirits, the Smoky Mountain locations also provide a cozy atmosphere only found in this region of the country. Take a look at a few options for your next visit.

Gatlinburg Breweries –

Gatlinburg Brewing Company

With unique names and flavor profiles like “Breakfast Juice” that features hints of tropical fruit in a New England-style IPA, Gatlinburg Brewing Company is a must-see for beer and food lovers alike. Try the English Brown Ale called “Don’t Feed the Bears” and order the Philly Philly pizza, which combines pizza and a Philly cheesesteak all in one plate. The location is the perfect spot for both beer connoisseurs and casual drinkers, providing sophisticated flavor blends along with tasty pub grub-like wings, soft pretzels with beer cheese, and cheese bread. They also have televisions for watching the game while you dine or try a flight of beer to sample their choices.

Smoky Mountain Brewery

This multi-location option is part of the Copper Cellar family of restaurants, and visitors can choose to visit either Gatlinburg or nearby Pigeon Forge when they need a refreshing beverage. The brewery offers a long list of lagers, ales, and other tasty brews as well as other drink options such as bourbon, whiskey, and wine. They always have six flagship beers on top in addition to seasonal brews and a Brewmaster Special. As for food, the extensive menu has everything from burgers to pasta.

Yee-Haw Brewing Company

The Yee-Haw Brewing Company is a favorite among beer lovers, mainly due to their taproom at the Island in Pigeon Forge near other exciting entertainment and shopping locations. Their menu of fine craft beers includes IPAs, a rich Dunkel, refreshing cervezas, and more. On the weekends kick back and listen to the live bands in the outdoor area.

The Casual Pint

At the Casual Pint, patrons get a “craft beer-centric” experience from the location’s “BeerTenders.” With a relaxed, family-friendly vibe, decide if you want a pint from the tap or a bottle or can from their store. They also offer Growler Fills, Mix-A-Six Packs of their bottle and can cooler, or packaged beer. Need a keg? They got you covered. Want a snack? How about pretzels and beer cheese or flatbread with hummus and veggies.

Gatlinburg Wineries –

Gatlinburg Wine Cellar

Since its opening in 2017, Gatlinburg Wine Cellar has made its mark on the area as one of the best Gatlinburg Wineries, mainly due to their unique wine flavor blends. Signature favorites include Apple Pie and Birthday Cake as well as Cotton Candy. Their expert staff is also ready to help you choose the perfect glass to match your palate.

Sugarland Cellars

Located in downtown Gatlinburg, Sugarland Cellars is known for their complimentary wine tastings all week long in addition to tours of their facility. Their choices include classic dry reds or harder-to-find dark cherry wine. One of the biggest perks of stopping by the winery is they are partnered with a few local restaurants, and if you bring a bottle from their selections there is no corking fee at dinner.

Tennessee Homemade Wines

If you like your wine a little fruity, stop by Tennessee Homemade Wines. Their flavor mixes include strawberry, blackberry, and apple, creating unique combinations to pair with any meal or simply to enjoy a refreshing glass. You’ll have a tough time deciding what to purchase after your tasting.

Goodwater Winery Gatlinburg

Do you and your partner love wine and picnics? Then Goodwater Winery is the spot for you. Select three items from their menu and a bottle of their delectable wines for your memorable catered picnic. Top choices include Rebecca’s Red and Everything Peachy.

Distilleries –

Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery

As the country’s most visited distillery in Ole Smoky Holler in downtown Gatlinburg, Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery has a list of spirit mixtures to suit any preference. As the first and only federally licensed distillery in East Tennessee, signature flavors include Maple Cream and Butter Pecan as well as White Lightnin’, the perfect moonshine for mixing cocktails like margaritas and mojitos. They also have a gift shop, museum, and courtyard decorated with rocking chairs and a stage for live music.

Sugarlands Distilling Company

You will feel like a real moonshiner when you enter the Sugarlands Distilling Company. The location features a barn made from reclaimed wood and charming touches like a back porch and moonshine-running truck. Tasting one of their many flavors, including butterscotch and peppermint, comes with a small fee, but you can use it toward purchases once you’ve found your favorite flavor.

Ole Smoky Barrelhouse

The specialty at Ole Smoky Barrelhouse is white oak barrel-aged whiskey, but their menu provides a list of unique items to sample in their rustic setting. Learn about the Tennessee Mud or Cookies and Cream whiskey, which creates the smoothest whiskey drinks you’ll ever taste.

Doc Collier Moonshine Distillery

The namesake for this location is William “Doc” Collier, whose family has been in the moonshine game for generations. Try their Moonshine Brandy and their signature Root Beer Float drink. The distillery also offers seasonal flavors and even moonshine slushies to refresh you on a hot summer day.

Need help planning the perfect Gatlinburg Vacation? Contact us today! We’re here to help.

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