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Looking for Gatlinburg Ziplining? Look no further. We’ve included the top 6 Gatlinburg Ziplining experiences below.

Adrenaline seekers will want to add ziplining to their to-do list when visiting the Smoky Mountains Region. Gatlinburg, TN offers a few options when it comes to gliding amongst the trees. And because of the beautiful landscape, you’ll see sights like no other in the world. Check out your choices below.

1. Wahoo Ziplines

Image provided by Wahoo Ziplines

Since 2008, Wahoo Ziplines has been a top choice in the Gatlinburg area. The location features approximately two miles of zipline cables that move through the region’s beech and oak forests at different elevations. As the first ziplining spot in The Smokies, the course ensures that you always have something incredible to see as you move above, below, and through the lush landscapes. There is also a set of walking trails between platforms. 

2. Legacy Mountain Ziplines

Legacy Mountain Ziplines near gatlinburg
Image provided by Legacy Mountain Ziplines

With 4.5 miles of lines and in seven different tracks, Legacy Mountain Ziplines has some of the longest zipline setups in the world. Even children as young as three can join in the fun. All lines at this location are twin-cable, which means extra safety for everyone as they zip and cruise through 400 acres of gorgeous landscapes.

3. Rafting in the Smokies

Rafting in the Smokies and ziplining
Image provided by Rafting in the Smokies

Don’t let the name Rafting in the Smokies fool you. While they do have rafting and water adventures onsite, this location has a top-notch mile-long Gatlinburg ziplining course featuring six ziplines crossing two sky bridges. Ages five and up are able to try, which means family fun all around. Stop by the rope line course and Adventure Island while there.

4. Foxfire Mountain

Foxfire Mountain Gatlinburg Zipline
Image provided by Foxfire Mountain

Another family spot is Foxfire Mountain. With courses for adults and children eight and older, they also have the longest swinging bridge in the country in addition to hiking trails and ATV rides. You are sure to fill your afternoon itinerary when you stop by.

5. Smoky Mountain Ziplines

Smoky Mountain Ziplines Gatlinburg Ziplining
Image provided by Smoky Mountain Ziplines

The above courses have slow and steady ziplines for different levels and children, but for adrenaline seekers looking for high-intensity Gatlinburg ziplines, Smoky Mountain Ziplines is the place to be. You’ll find yourself traveling at speeds up to 40 mph and even though they will let you get your feet wet slowly at first, be ready to turn up the heat as you keep going.

6. CLIMB Works Smoky Mountains

Image provided CLIMB Works Smoky Mountains

CLIMB Works Smoky Mountains is known for its top-rated Mountaintop Gatlinburg Ziplining tour directly across from the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, CLIMB is a great place for making family memories while in Gatlinburg. Guided tours let you see the gorgeous scenery in a unique way while also learning from knowledgeable guides. They also have a new dual-line tour where you can experience even higher vantage points on longer lines for even better scenic views.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best Gatlinburg Ziplining companies. If you’d like to explore more things to do in Gatlinburg check out our blog.

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