Hiking the Gatlinburg SkyTrail

Hiking the Gatlinburg SkyTrail

Do you like hiking in Gatlinburg? Are you looking for an easy hike with a view to amaze? I am not even sure if I would call this a hike, but it sure counts as a nice stroll. Be sure the check out Gatlinburg’s newest attraction, the Gatlinburg SkyTrail. The SkyTrail is slated to open in the Fall of 2020. It will connect each end of the Gatlinburg Sky Bridge. This is another addition to the growing number of attractions at the Gatlinburg Skylift Park, located above the downtown strip.

The winding trail follows the the natural slopes of Crockett Mountain. It presents you with a different viewing perspective of the amazing length and height of the Sky Bridge, which is the longest of its kind in North America. The entire trail is located above downtown Gatlinburg. After riding the chair-lift to the top of the mountain take some time to soak up the mountain views of the Great Smoky Mountains. The entire area is a great place to get some amazing pictures of the surrounding scenery.

You can stroll the part paved, and part wooden path in either direction at your own pace. Plans to expand the trails to include covered rest areas and informational signage is on track for Fall of 2020 as well. If you like hiking in Gatlinburg, and are looking for something easy, be sure to check this out!

All of our rental cabins are a short drive away, making this and easy addition to your schedule!

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