Hiking Guide-Just Get Outdoors!

Hiking Guide-Just Get Outdoors!

If you want to go on a hike, but not sure where to go or need a guide, JUST GET OUTDOORS may be what you’re looking for. Liz Dominque is a Naturalist whom owns/runs JUST GET OUTDOORS. 

From the Just Get Outdoors site:

Liz has over 30 years of experience as a naturalist, educator, wildlife biologist, photographer, and writer. She received her M.S. in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Biology from the University of Florida in 1995 and her B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Cornell University in 1987. She is trained in CPR and is certified by The National Registry as a Wilderness First Responder. ”

Liz leads all of the JUST GET OUTDOOR hikes, tours, and education programs, offered by Just Get Outdoors. If needed a second guide will join larger groups. Liz helps you discover, learn, about the natural world on a more personal level. 

Our Experiences with Liz

I have had first hand experience with Liz on a few adventures. First was an over night hammock bootcamp, hosted by the Great Smoky Mountain Association. Once more on a Nature Ramble and Synchronous Fireflies night trip.

Hammock Bootcamp

At the hammock bootcamp, a small group of us, only 4, met at Smokemont Campground on the North Carolina side of the park in the pouring rain. We learned how to hang our hammocks under a pavilion waiting on the rain to move out. We set up camp and had dinner as if we were backcountry camping. She shared her knowledge about hammock camping, the must have gear, along with gear that just makes you more comfortable. I will have to say the dark is very intimidating at 3 am when you are hanging between two trees all alone! Thoughts like- Will I be able to keep my cool if a bear comes sniffing me? or Will I freak and startle him causing him to swat me? So very many thoughts in the dark at 3am.

The next morning we all had a “back country” breakfast together and a short backpacking class. I learned more than I can remember, in just a few hours from Liz. We all packed up and went for a short hike on Deep Creek Trail.

Ramble ands Fireflies

The Nature Ramble and Firefly Outing were the most recent. We hiked Middle Prong trail during the day. Liz was very patient with my little girl and stopped to answer every question she had about anything. I have a little detail on the Middle Prong trail in my hiking blog.

As for the firefly outing, we went back toward Middle Prong trail and parked in one of the pull outs. We set up seating and waited for the show to begin. We all learned a little about fireflies, Liz pointed out to us two different species of fireflies while we were watching. There were hundreds of the little insects everywhere. A pretty amazing sight.

You can find, contact or book a trip with Liz here:



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