Pigeon Forge Snow

Pigeon Forge Snow

If you are looking for a great activity to do while the weather is bad have I got the place for you! Take your family to do some indoor snow-tubing! At the time of its opening in 2018, Pigeon Forge Snow snow was the first indoor snow-tubing park in the USA. There is no need to plan your day around your trip to the facility. You just need to show up when you are ready to go tubing. You will be given an arm band with a set amount of time to play.

If you are looking to beat the Summer heat, make the best of a rainy day, or do something a little bit different, be sure to check them out. All the fun is conveniently located a short drive from all of our Gatlinburg Cabins. The park is open year-round. The air temperature inside the park stays at a constant 60 to 70 degrees, so you should be quite comfortable in normal clothing. One of the best things is there are no stairs! An escalator takes you and your tube back to the top of the tubing hill for another run!

There is also a snow-play room where kids are free to romp and play in the snow. Kids are sure to enjoy themselves while making some snowballs or building a snowman in the deep piles of man-made snow.

I highly recommend Pigeon Forge Snow. This would be a great alternate activity to do when it is raining or you just need a break from the Summer heat and humidity.

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