The National Park

The National Park

The original attraction of the Gatlinburg area, and the reason my family decided to own property here, The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is over 520,000 acres, covering parts of Tennessee and North Carolina. The park has many activities available hiking, biking, historic trails and buildings, waterfalls, just nature itself is amazing and surprising. Below are links to the park and some of the activities. The Parks homepage will have updates of trail closings, alerts and valuable information to see before planning your day out. There are multiple bookstore around the park. You can become a member of the Great Smoky Mountain Association at any of the book stores warum nicht hier versuchen. This give you access to activities for members only, discounts at the book stores within the park, discounts when you visit other National Parks and some local businesses.

Park homepage:

You can download maps of the park:


Historic Buildings:

Great Smoky Mountain Association:

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