Do You Provide Baby Cribs, High Chairs, Pack-N-Plays, Etc?

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We do not provide any type of child safety equipment such as pack-n-plays, high chairs, baby gates, cribs, etc at our rentals. Due to frequent manufacturer recalls on child items we have chosen not to provide any of these items in our cabins. We do not want to risk missing a recall or having an item become defective without our knowledge and causing injury to an infant or child.

Please bring anything that you may need for your child or infant. Also keep in mind that our cabins are not childproof or baby proof. This is notated in your rental agreement that you signed when you made your reservation. If you need anything such as plug covers for electrical outlets or anything to baby proof a room for a child we suggest you bring this with you and take it with you when you depart.

Rentals of baby equipment are available if you do not wish to bring these items with you, or do not have room in your car . We do not rent these items ourselves, but there are a few local businesses that do. Read our blog post below on these services and feel free to reach out to one of the businesses mentioned on the blog.

Baby Equipment Rentals Blog Post


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