Does heavy snowfall occur in and around Gatlinburg?

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Heavy snow in the city of Gatlinburg and the surrounding residential areas where most rental cabins are located is uncommon. As an example, the city of Gatlinburg only averages a total of 7 inches of snowfall for an entire season. This total is a combination of smaller snowfalls for a season. The higher elevations above 5000 feet can average  40 to 60 inches of snowfall per year.

Most of the rental cabins in the area are below 3000 feet in elevation and do not experience large snows very often. Larger snowfalls over 3 inches can occur, but they are rare events.

The higher elevations are a different story. It is quite common for highway 441 going across the mountains from Gatlinburg to Cherokee to be closed for snow and ice during the winter months. This is the main road through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It reaches its highest point at the Newfound Gap lookout, which is about a mile high in elevation.

The bottom line is snowfall is less likely to impact your travel to your cabin. Snowfall is usually much lighter in the residential areas. The city and country do their best to salt and plow all roads to lessen the impact on travel. We can never guarantee a snowstorm will not impact your visit, but the odds are in your favor that the heaviest snow will remain in the highest elevations of the national park.

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