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Let’s talk about windows.

Not the computer operating system – the open spaces built into your buildings walls that allow you to see out, and let natural light come drifting in. The openings that let you see out of your Gatlinburg cabin at the majesty of nature all around you!

Windows really make a difference – just ask any building designer

Depending on where you’re building and what you’re building, large bay and bow windows might be the way to go.

Bay Windows

A bay window is a flat window space bigger than your average single-pane construction. Bay windows often come with casements on the side, or other multi-panel designs that can be built into walls for more transparency and natural light.

The key is that the bay window is a two-dimensional space that can be built right into a wall without additional design requirements.

Bow Windows

A bow window is different. These three-dimensional window designs are built in a kind of curve or arch with the casement set at an angle. That means the window has to be supported by a three-dimensional base, usually creating an alcove in the interior space.

This design takes up more room, but it also has its own benefits and advantages. It has something to offer in terms of panoramic view and design.

Glass Walls

For even more transparency, glass walls are a neat concept.

You’ll see that we talk about “memories with a view” in showing off the local Gatlinburg rental cabins available to visitors. Glass walls can be part of that. 

Many of these cabins have these open area plans, with large bay or bow windows or glass walls that give you more of the view of surrounding mountains and scenic vistas.

In choosing your best mountain cabin, it’s helpful to have a platform that gathers all of these listings together and presents them in a way that helps you to make a decision.

The more generic, bigger platforms don’t always have the information that you’re looking for, and by catering to the Gatlinburg community, we’re assembling your choices in an American spot known for its amazing scenery and prime vacation real estate.

In past blog posts, we talked about tips on how to choose the best Gatlinburg rental cabin for your needs. For example, you want to look at numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms, and also at the amenities that a particular listing has.

But we feel that our visual index and our strategic approach to property listings also helps you to make choices based on the visual aspect of each real estate property. It’s sort of like with Zillow, where photos help people to start brainstorming before they ever visit a property.

We want your stay to be the best you can be – as we said, promoting memories with a view.