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For a great country weekend, take a look at Gatlinburg cabins that represent the best available vacation options in the local area.

We’ve put together a great collection of high-quality and luxurious mountain cabins around Gatlinburg. So how do you choose?

Here are three items you can use to direct your search when you’re looking for a Gatlinburg getaway for the family, friends or a workplace function.

The Great Room

Many of the best Gatlinburg cabins have a central living room or “great room” that adds value by showing off a specific mountain country vibe.

You can think about this as the equivalent of what you might find in a traditional hunting cabin – you’ll oftentimes see some taxidermy on the walls, together with beautiful artwork and some traditional wood grain paneling or trim or fixtures. Look for adequate lighting and seating, and good amenities that will make this a relaxing place to be in between mountain adventures. 

All of that gives your cabin an air of mountain bliss that enhances your vacation!


Another thing you want to look at is the number of bedrooms and beds available in your mountain cabin. Some people are okay with sleeping in a sleeping bag wherever they go, but if the choosiest among you have to double up, it can be a problem. People fight over bedrooms!

Many of these cabins also have specially themed and outfitted bedrooms that carry the same aesthetic into the areas where you will be getting a good night’s sleep. Take a look. 

Kitchen Facilities

Which among you will be the camping cook?

Whether you’re frying bacon, baking a tray of hardtack, or creating gourmet seafood dishes on a range, you’ll want to have the appropriate kitchen space, along with all of the utensils and items you’ll need to whip up excellent meals. Out in the mountains, you’re not likely to go down to Applebee’s for every meal, so you’ll need to plan ahead. Picking the right country cabin helps you to know that you have the infrastructure to feed the people who are in your group effectively.

There’s a lot more to choosing the best country cabins – for instance, look at all of the amenities you might have in a given site including a pool/hot tub, game room, laundry facilities and more. You can browse from our site to get a better picture of what’s available. Look for nearby state or federal parks you can hike in. Choose the best home and get the best deal!