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Pizza anyone? Are you looking for a deliciously fun and chill place to eat in Gatlinburg that isn’t like other run-of-the-mill pizza joints? 

Well, look no further. If you’d like to expand your pizza palette and enjoy an exciting dining experience the Mellow Mushroom in Gatlinburg serves it up hot.

They offer seemingly endless options of pizzas, inviting drinks, and of course, their brand-famous funky decor. 

Gatlinburg Mellow Mushroom: Where Pizza and Atmosphere Meet

The Gatlinburg Mellow Mushroom was founded by two Georgia Tech College students in 1974 and the vibe of that era is reflected in its fun and hippie-inspired restaurant theme. 

Leave boring behind. Visit the Mellow Mushroom to encounter a new and unusual dining experience while you’re here in Gatlinburg TN.

What makes each Mellow Mushroom unique is partly due to franchises having the creative freedom to put their own spin on each store, which means no matter what location you decide to visit you’ll be guaranteed something different each time.

The Mellow Mushroom in Gatlinburg, makes this chain restaurant feel like a local spot with its very own “Moonshine Lounge”, where you can sip on what ole-timers called “mountain dew”. 

moonshine lounge gatlinburg mellow mushroom
Gatlinburg Mellow Mushroom Moonshine Lounge

When it comes to their food, pizza is their specialty. Between their handmade crusts, stone-baked pizzas, and endless topping options, there is no comparing the Mellow Mushroom to your average pizza chain. 

Each pie comes with the choice of a classic or thin crust, with their size options being 10, 14, and if you’re really hungry, 16 inches.  

After deciding on the size of your pizza and style of crust, it’s time to choose one of their savory sauces like the Mellow red sauce, olive oil garlic, or pesto base. 

And to top it all off, the Mellow Mushroom offers a plethora of pizza toppings with over 3 dozen options to mix and match! From their traditional pepperoni to tofu or tempeh you’re sure to find tempting combinations to crush any craving.

The options seem unlimited and while they can make for some mouthwatering pizzas, they might leave you stumped on what to order. 

If you can’t decide on what to get, The Pacific Rim and Veg Out pies are highly recommended by customers. 

Do you have dietary restrictions or food allergies? No worries, the Mellow Mushroom has thought of you too. They’re very accommodating and can make their pizzas gluten-free and vegan-friendly! Just ask. 

Pizza is not the only food choice here, with options varying from tasteful appetizers, fresh salads, calzones, and yes, even burgers.

mellow mushroom menu items gatlinburg tn

Now, what better way to wash down that hot and flavorful slice than with a nice cold brew? 

Their beer selections are impressive and are sourced from all around, including national, international, regional, and local breweries. 

They can also conjure up skillfully crafted cocktails, mocktails, and various wine selections, all offered for pairing with the perfect pizza. 

Looking to watch the game and have a drink? The Mellow Mushroom has you covered for your game night needs, and while most sports bars are packed on game night this is a solid choice to avoid the crowds.

You’ll come in for their hand-tossed, stone-baked pizza but will stay for their attentive and friendly hospitality. 

Many customers have posted their reviews of the Gatlinburg Mellow Mushroom.

They often praise their extraordinary service and share their positive experiences online; from bringing out the food quickly to changing the television, or even turning down the music to accommodate their guests, it’s plain to see this popular pizza place provides its customers with unparalleled service.

If you brought your furry friend with you on vacation you’ll be delighted to know that the Gatlinburg Mellow Mushroom does offer a pet-friendly patio where you and your pet can enjoy a piece of pizza together.

The Mellow Mushroom is located right on the Gatlinburg Strip. This is a popular tourist area with an extensive list of fun and family-friendly activities that you can indulge in either before, or after grabbing a bite to eat.

One of the top attractions on the strip is the Gatlinburg Space Needle which is only a minute’s walk from the Mellow Mushroom. 

It’s an awesome place where you can enjoy the awe-inspiring views and take in the crisp air of the Great Smoky Mountains. 

The next time you’re in Gatlinburg and you want something different from your average pizza place, stop by the Gatlinburg Mellow Mushroom for a one-of-a-kind restaurant with pizzas made strictly to your liking!

Gatlinburg Mellow Mushroom Address: 

903 Parkway Ste 103, Gatlinburg, TN 37738 

Hours of operation:

11 am- 9:30 pm Monday- Thursday 

11 am- 10:30 pm Friday & Saturdays 

12 pm- 9:30 on Sundays

Phone number:

(865) 277-0600


Mellow Mushroom

Gatlinburg Mellow Mushroom Facebook Page

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