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As you begin your vacation in Gatlinburg, TN the last thing you probably want to think about is going to the grocery store, fighting the crowd, and then taking all of that food back to your cabin rental. What a hassle! You are on vacation after all! Lucky for you there are grocery delivery options available for you in Gatlinburg, TN. You can avoid all of the hassle and have your groceries waiting for you in your cabin on the day of your arrival. Read on, and discover who offers online grocery ordering, delivery, and pickup.

Grocery Delivery Services

The Smoky Mountain Grocery (Recommended)

The Smoky Mountain Grocery delivers to all of the rental cabins in the Gatlinburg area. You simply place your order online with  one of the local supermarkets they support. The Smoky Mountain Grocery will then pick it up and bring it to your cabin for a reasonable fee. This can be extremely convenient if you do not want to go out to pick up your groceries yourself. You will understand the value of this if you have ever tried to fight the traffic in and around Gatlinburg during a busy weekend or holiday. Why waste your valuable vacation time shopping for groceries? It does not get much more hassle free than the Smoky Mountain Grocery. They will set up a time to deliver your groceries right to your cabin door. You can also arrange to have the groceries placed in your cabin before your arrival. They will even stock your fridge.


A few of the stores in the area offer Instacart delivery. We STRONGLY recommend that you only use Instacart if you are sure you can be present at the cabin when they deliver. In the past, one of our guests ordered via Instacart and had it delivered while they were away. Instacart left the groceries at the front door to the cabin. When our guests returned, a bear had ripped apart their order and helped itself to a free meal. All of our cabins have very frequent bear activity and this is not uncommon to occur. Keep this in mind when ordering with food delivery services.

The delivery radius with Instacart may be limited to areas within a certain driving distance from the city center.  You can click here to see which stores in the area offer delivery through Instacart. Our recommendation is to try out the Smoky Mountain Grocery linked above. They are locally owned and the delivery area is more extensive. You do not need to be at the cabin when they deliver either, which is a huge benefit. The personal level of service you will receive will be worth it for you.

Would You Rather Pick It Up Yourself?

Another way to get your groceries without wasting time is to try to schedule a grocery pick up for the time when you plan to arrive in the area. There are a few grocery stores located in the area that offer online ordering.

Pigeon Forge – Wal-Mart, Kroger, Publix, Food City (Online Ordering Available)

If you want to order you groceries online there is a Wal-Mart, Kroger, Publix, and a Food City located Pigeon Forge. If you plan to drive into Gatlinburg via Pigeon Forge you can grab your grocery items on the way through. All of the supermarkets that offer online ordering are located about 30 minutes from any of our cabins.

Publix in Pigeon Forge also offers grocery delivery to parts of Gatlinburg via Instacart. The Instacart service does not deliver to all locations, so be sure to check by entering the cabin address on their website.

Newport, TN – Food City, Wal-Mart (Online Ordering Available)

If you are traveling to Gatlinburg and your route brings you through Newport, TN you have two options to grab your groceries as you pass through. Both Wal-Mart and Food City offer online ordering and pickup at these locations.

Gatlinburg – Food City (Online Ordering Not Available)

Food City in Gatlinburg, TN is closest major supermarket and should have all you need. As of this writing they do not offer online grocery ordering or pickup at this Food City Location. Below is the distance from each of our cabins to the Gatlinburg Food City.

  • Bella Vista – 2 miles (Travel time 3 minutes)
  • Roaring Fork Lodge – 2 miles (Travel time 3 minutes)
  • Laurel Creek Hideaway – 9.2 miles (Travel time 15 minutes)
  • Star Dancer – 11 miles (Travel time 15-20 minutes)
  • Cloud Dancer – 11 miles (Travel time 15-20 minutes)
  • Smoky Mountain Sunrise 10 miles (Travel time 15-20 minutes)

Food City is the only major supermarket in Gatlinburg. They will probably have everything you need here. They have a, deli, produce dept, meat dept, fresh seafood, salad bar, and a hot food counter. The meat and seafood departments are superb, and have many top of the line cuts of meat and seafood choices for grilling.  They are also opening a Starbucks Coffee shop later in 2021 inside the store.

Did That Help?

I hope that these tips helped you out. Gatlinburg can be a very busy place, so why waste it driving to the store? Shopping for groceries does not have to take up your valuable vacation time. Relax and enjoy your vacation without the hassle!