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Little House of Pancakes Gatlinburg

What better way to start your morning in the mountains than by filling up on some fluffy pancakes?

The secret to delicious pancakes is in the details, and Little House of Pancakes meets the mark!

Most of the items on the menu are made from scratch, from the batter down to their famous syrup!

stack of pancakes from Little House of pancakes Gatlinburg
Photo courtesy of Little House of Pancakes Gatlinburg

It’s no surprise that Little House of Pancakes is a top breakfast spot in Gatlinburg. You can taste the time and effort that are put into these homemade, light, and golden pancakes.

While their pancakes are tasty enough to be eaten plain, you can top them off with some of their delicious topping options, such as bananas, peaches, cherries, chocolate chips, berries, apples, or pecans.
Indulge in their top-rated menu item, their Pecan Pancakes, which is a perfect breakfast treat that blends sweet and savory.

Come Hungry

Did you come with a big appetite to appease? The menu at Little House of Pancakes Gatlinburg offers all-you-can-eat pancakes for only $8.49, which is sure to satisfy your stomach and wallet with this filling yet budget-friendly option.

Their all-you-can-eat pancakes don’t come with a side or toppings, which isn’t a problem, because they’re just as delicious when enjoyed with just butter or syrup.

Find the perfect pairing for your pancakes with their abundant side options that include Country Ham, City Ham, Bacon or Sausage, Turkey Sausage, Toast and Jelly, Gravy or Grits, Diced Potatoes, 2 Biscuits and Jelly, 2 Biscuits and Gravy, Sausage Biscuit, Country Ham Biscuit, City Ham Biscuit, One Egg, Oatmeal, and Toast, or a Side of Cheese.

More Than Just Pancakes

Little House of Pancakes’ specialty is serving up irresistible golden pancakes with abundant toppings, but if you decide not to order their pancakes, you can’t go wrong when trying their other breakfast dishes, such as their French toast or fresh and filling omelets.

Choose between a plain omelet, cheese omelet, bacon and cheese, sausage and cheese, or ham and cheese.

The Panhandler is a great omelet choice that includes onion, tomato, cheese, ham, bacon, green pepper, and mushrooms. All omelets come with a side of diced potatoes and toast or a biscuit.

Banana Royale - Little House of Pancakes Gatlinburg
Photo courtesy of Little House of Pancakes Gatlinburg

Come For Breakfast, Stay For Lunch

Little House of Pancakes Gatlinburg isn’t only limited to a breakfast menu; their lunch options are extensive as they are delicious and include everything from Farm-Raised Catfish or Tilapia, Chicken Tenders, Country Fried Steak, Hamburger Steak, Sandwiches, and Salads. Little House of Pancakes’ ribs and pizza are also great offerings.

Many patrons recommend if you’re going to order from their lunch menu, the Farm-Raised Catfish is an excellent choice.

Their dining room tends to fill up quickly on weekends, and it’s highly recommended to arrive when they open to avoid long wait times. Don’t forget that they are only open until 1 pm so you’ll need to be earlier than that to get your fix.

Any parties of 8 or more are encouraged to call ahead to reserve a spot for your group. Small parties are a little easier to sneak in.

You don’t want to miss the opportunity to try some of the best pancakes in Gatlinburg, so whether you’re a local or just passing through, you’re going to want to add this pancake house to your to-do list!

Little House of Pancakes Gatlinburg Address:

807 East Pkwy
Gatlinburg, TN 37738
Phone Number:

Hours of operation:
Monday – Sunday: 7 AM – 1 PM

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Once, you’ve filled your belly at Little House of Pancakes Gatlinburg, you might need another nap. We’d love to help you find the best place in Gatlinburg to stay.