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These are our favorite places to eat in the Gatlinburg area. From pancakes at breakfast to a great dinner, see what we like to eat while dining in the area.


PANCAKES!!! In almost every direction you look in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area there is a pancake restaurant. There are close to 15 different restaurants, some with multiple locations. We have tried a few and we have a handful of likes, along with one favorite!

Little House of Pancakes – Our most favorite place to enjoy breakfast is off the beaten path. The Little House of Pancakes off of 321 in Gatlinburg. It is a local family owned restaurant.  It doesn’t have nearly the hype, advertisements, or the crazy inside decor, but the staff is amazing. The food is awesome and the service is quick. The pancakes are started sometime in the wee hours of the morning for the batter to rest until the restaurant opens. I do not remember the exact time all of this happens, but this was shared with me by one of the owners.

Pancake Pantry  – Very popular, lines are out the door around the    corner most of the time. Honestly, I think its the reputation of the place that gets the attention, not necessarily the food. The food is good and they have lots of different pancakes, but we’ve had better. See their menu here.

Crockett’s Breakfast Camp – Griddle cakes are thick, cinnamon rolls are HUGE (size of your face huge), strawberry orange juice is delicious. This decor is pretty neat here too. MENU!


Three Jimmy’s is full of comfort foods, BBQ, live music, and great desserts. There is indoor and outdoor seating. I have it listed under lunch but, the bar is open until 1am. The doors close to minors at 11pm. Their Gouda Mac and cheese is DELICIOUS!!

Glade’s Soda Fountain is just what it’s name says. They serve all the favorites from the old time soda shops.

Timber’s Log Cabin Restaurant, I have been to only a few times. Being honest, the food took a little longer than expected during a visit or two, but it was worth the wait. The food is made to order, so it’s not going to be out as quickly as fast food for sure.


The Alamo Steakhouse chose it’s name from Tennessee being the volunteer state who sent close to 2000 volunteers to the Alamo, including Davy Crockett. Once again, we haven’t had anything that wasn’t delicious here either. You can find discount coupons on their website. One of our favorite appetizers is the crab dip served with warm pita chips. Chris’s go to is the bacon wrapped shrimp, for me I go for the salmon every time.

Local Goat is fairly new to the area. Seriously everything is local here. Your meal is made from scratch. The bread is made scratch daily as well, and it is delicious! Their kitchen is stocked with local sourced ingredients. Local craft breweries are the bar’s specialty, and the dining room is full of art work form local artists warum nicht hier versuchen.  One of our favorites is the N’awlins Style BBQ Shrimp, and the salmon is wonderful as well. I have had no complaints from my children about the food, and I haven’t had anything that wasn’t delicious.

The Greenbrier is a food and spirits outpost.  It is only open for dinner, and is closed on Mondays. The bar opens 30 mins prior to the dining room and closes an hour after the dining room closes. The menu includes land and sea items, such as halibut (one of my favorites), mussels, trout, many different cuts of steak, lamb and chicken. There is a wide variety of side dishes as well. Walkers Union  is also at The Greenbrier. They serve small plates and crafted spirits. Along with their craft, mule, and classic drink menu, the Bourbon and Whiskey menu has well over 60 different selections. There are also over 70 wine choices.

We’ve added another to our favorite restaurants, Chesapeake’s! You wouldn’t think seafood in Gatlinburg could be fresh, but Chesapeake’s seafood is flown in daily. The food is spot on, and they have a happy hour, Monday – Thursday, from 4-7pm. Another nice amenity is their seating on a heated patio next to the River. If wine is your thing, they have a private wine cellar with at least 60 different wines to choose from. It is located at 437 Parkway, near light 3.

Snacks and treats

Glade’s Soda Fountain as said above, is just like a small town soda shop, sundaes, scoops, floats all a soda shop offers. Lots of yummy stuff!

Happy and Safe Travels,