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Ever since its tragic sinking in April of 1912, the Titanic has been a fascinating part of our history. From theories of why the tragedy happened to the personal stories that have survived for more than a century, the “unsinkable” ocean liner’s story still endures to this day. That is why exhibits such as the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge attract visitors from all over.

The Origins Of The Exhibit

John Joslyn, the founder of Titanic Museum Attractions, has a deep connection to the ill-fated ship. Joslyn led a massive dive team to the wreckage in the 1980s after the Titanic was discovered on the ocean floor. From there, he and his team retrieved tons of footage and photos that helped piece together what happened to the ship and complete the stories of the people on board.

His footage has also been used in documentary programming centered around Titanic, and after more than 30 years of collecting and documenting the tragic luxury liner, Joslyn has created various permanent Titanic Museum attractions in Branson, MO and Pigeon Forge, TN.

What To See

pigeon forge tennessee titanic

The Titanic Exhibit houses one of the largest collections of artifacts and memorabilia, and guests entering the exhibit even get to climb a replica of the Grand Staircase of the ship. Guests can act as the captain at the wheel on the bridge or tap out messages on the ship’s wireless communications.

There are also more than 400 artifacts on display from the ship and its passengers. It is important to note that none of these items were stolen or taken from the ship in the ocean. Anything on display is on loan from private collectors or was carried off the ship in a lifeboat. Some were also retrieved floating in the water in the debris field after the ship sank.

An Accurate and Interactive Experience

pigeon forge tennessee titanic

With so many stories and theories circulating about the ill-fated luxury liner, the Pigeon Forge Tennessee Titanic Exhibit in Pigeon Forge attempts to ensure that guests are getting accurate information and an experience that puts you right on the ship, including walks through the replicas of halls, parlors, cabins, staircases, and more.

As you enter the exhibit, you will receive a boarding pass of an actual passenger or crew member, and learn their fate in the Memorial Room where all the names of the victims line the walls in the self-guided tour. There is even an interactive area for guests under 8 years old.

You can feel what 28-degree water feels like, which is the water temperature the passengers had to suffer through when the ship began to sink. Don’t forget to head to the boiler room to shovel coal.

The exhibit also features what is called Living Theatre, where guests can listen to stories told by Titanic survivors as well as interactive components for all ages who join the experience. 

Pigeon Forge Tennessee Titanic

While some other Titanic attractions bank on the fascination of the Titanic, this Pigeon Forge exhibit is not a tourist trap or disrespectful to the survivors and victims of the tragedy. It is endorsed by the Titanic Historical Society and prides itself on being historically accurate in its celebration of the ship, passengers, and crew.

Titanic Museum Tickets:

Ticket prices vary for this attraction, click here to check pricing and purchase your Pigeon Forge Titanic exhibit ticket.

Titanic Museum Pigeon Forge Hours:

Sunday – Thursday 9AM – 9PM

Friday – Saturday 9AM – 10PM

Titanic Exhibit in Pigeon Forge Tennessee Address:

2134 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

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